Off Grid Solar Systems

Solar power is commonly used in remote applications where network electricity is not available and/or connecting to network electricity is very expensive.

Being off the grid with solar power requires you to consider more factors than you would if you were grid connected. Generally customers with off grid solar power systems need to be aware of their electricity consumption patterns and the performance of their system.

How it works...

How off grid solar systems work

1. Solar panels

Solar panels generate clean electricity every day, from sunrise to sunset. No moving parts, no emissions, no noise, and no fuel.

2. Power center

The power centre manages the flow of power and converts the solar electricity for use in your building or storage in the batteries.

3. Batteries

Batteries store electricity for use at night, or for times that the solar panels are not generating as much electricity as you require.

4. Back-up generator

An optional back up generator can provide power to re-charge your batteries during times of high power use or poor weather.

5. Distribution panel

You will not have to make any changes to your building's wiring or appliances. Solar power systems will seamlessly integrate with the existing electrical system.