On Grid Solar Systems

Most New Zealand homes have electricity supplied to their homes from the national grid and the main electricity retailers. If you are already connected to the grid and interested in solar then you are looking for a grid connected solar power system.

However, it is possible to add a battery backup system to a grid connected solar power system should you need electricity when the grid goes down e.g. for a medical appliance.

How it works...

How off grid solar systems work

1. Electricity grid

Your building stays attached to the electricity grid so you always have electricity available when you need it. Batteries are not required. If at any time you need more electricity than your solar system is generating, the grid will provide it.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels generate clean electricity every day, from sunrise to sunset. No moving parts, no emissions, no noise, and no fuel.

3. Inverter

The inverter converts solar electricity for use in your building and controls the flow of electricity between your home and the grid.

4. Metering

Electricity meters measure the flow of electricity into your home from the grid, and from your solar system out to the grid. At the end of each billing period, you will be charged for the electricity you used and credited for the amount your solar system generated.

5. Distribution panel

You will not have to make any changes to your building's wiring or appliances. Solar power systems will seamlessly integrate with the existing electrical system.